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– We love Cardano’s ADA! Once payment is completed, you will be redirected to the selected consultation platform, either Medical or Psychological, and you can begin the chat.

– If necessary, Artificial Intelligence will ask you some specific questions to improve diagnostic guidance.

– If you buy a specific query, the time limit to make it is 7 (seven) days or until you finish 4096 characters in a maximum of 15 messages.
This allows the query to be carried out with an appropriate extension

– If you buy the ANNUAL service you can use the service for 12 months or until you run out of characters.
If you are precise in the formulation you will have Medical, Nutritional and Psychological guidance 
based on A.I. for a long time !

Ask the Health Specialist A.I. now !!

For only U$D 5.99 

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Knowledge, empathy, containment in an active and friendly chat.